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  • 1000 m long quay
  • 11.50 m draught
  • 5 quay berths
  • 34 ha container park
  • 6 shore gantry cranes with 40 to 60 tons capacity
  • 16 rubber tyred cranes ( RTG)  with 40 tons capacity
  • 3 shore cranes (GOTTWALD) with 100 tons capacity
  • 1 GPS oriented gantry crane management with DEMPA technology ( sizing and study of preliminary maintenance work )


The quality services provided at the container terminal resulted in three certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001, which very few terminals can afford



ABIDJAN TERMINAL is a limited liability company which was established within the framework of the concession agreement of the Container Terminal signed on 23 October with Abidjan Port Authority; the company deals with the management and operation of Vridi container terminal in compliance with public service commitments and requirements as laid down in the agreement.

This particularity of Abidjan Terminal favours its relationship with its customers and with the port Authority owing to fact that they share the same requirements for competitiveness. Thus Abidjan Terminal is endowed with modern equipment and skilled workforce so as to be able to ensure services in accordance with the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

In compliance with the operating regulation of Vridi container Terminal and with ISPS code provisions, Abidjan Terminal provides the following services:

- Reception and delivery of containers on the import in transhipment and on the export

-controls, storage, keeping track of containers within the container park

-unloading and loading of containerships including shifting and transhipment of containers

- Supply of information and documents related to stakeholders

- Maintenance of infrastructure and equipment of the container terminal

Handling-Lifting and transport

Description  RTG - Rubber Tyre
Gantry cranes

Number 16

Tonnage 40 tons

Description  Super stackers

Number 13

Tonnage 45 tons

Description Stackers

Number 06

Tonnage 40 tons

Description Lift Trucks

Number and Tonnage

01 de 32 tons
06 de 16 tons
01 de 15 tons
02 de 12 tons
01 de 04 tons

Description Tug masters

Number 45

Tonnage 40 tons

Description Cornerless trailers

Number    55

Tonnage 40 tons