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For the purpose of sound management, the Port estate is subdivided into seven (07) business areas as follows:

  • The former Port area consisting of a Fruit Terminal and a Timber Terminal

  • The warehouses area consisting of shops, is the location of companies in storage and handling activities of commodities, export activities of various services ;

  • The fishing harbour area brings together all activities related to fishing and refrigeration warehouses: processing, conservation of fish products, stores, eateries etc.; … ;

  • The warehouses of the Vridi seawall area is composed of warehouse for agricultural products, general goods and the Vridi Container Terminal (T.C.V) ;

  • The area of Vridi for naval industries, for naval workshops and activities ;

  • The industrial area of Vridi, for chemical and petrochemical, food processing, metallurgical and electric activities … ;

  • The Vridi area, for housing and tourist trade.