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Urgent notices to Mariners (AVURNAV)
Urgent notices to Mariners are issued to the attention of vessel masters when a situation brought to the knowledge of the Port authority is likely to endanger boating safety.

Instructions For Port Users

Instructions To Stevedores And Consignees

As the close surveillance of vessels and goods is the responsibility of the forwarding agents and stevedoring companies, they are therefore required to commit this task to security companies approved by the Port Authority or to members of law enforcement agencies (police or gendarmes).
Users are also required to strictly abide by the specific safety provisions prescribed by the Port Authority during trade of foodstuffs and hazardous materials and for the management of hazardous materials. This applies to::

  •  The isolation and the surveillance of loading yards or the removal of such foodstuffs and the compliance to regulations, transporting and storing hazardous materials (IMDG Code and local regulations).
  • The rotation of crew members or the disembarkation of stowaways must respect the rules on immigration policy and the existing procedure.

Instructions To Masters Of Vessels

Upon arrival in pilotage area

  •   Every ship displays its distinguishing marks and the flag of its nation. In addition, any foreign ship shall raise the Ivorian flag at the mizzen mast.
  •   Any vessel in damage and/or unable to use its power and all its gear for switching, mooring, docking, seeking entry into Lagoon, must park off the coast of the Vridi canal until it gets permission to enter from the Harbour Master of the Port of Abidjan.

For this purpose, the master of the vessel shall forward to the Harbour Master of the Port all information likely to sufficiently enlighten him on his situation.

  •   It is strictly forbidden to anchor in the channel of the Vridi canal and in forbidden zones inside the channel less than seventy-five meters (75 m) from the banks.

During the stay in the Port

  •   Any vessel that is docked or in the inner harbour must leave its position within a maximum period of three (3) hours whenever commanded by the Harbour Master of the Port of Abidjan except in cases of force majeure recognized by the latter.
  •   Any vessel moored in the Port of Abidjan should permanently have a minimum security crew and at least maintain one guard on board.
  •   Avoid keeping lowered ladders ;
  •   Barter is prohibited in the Port ;
  •   Require the services of a security company ;
  •   Inform guards if whenever any unwelcomed presence is detected ;
  •   Contact security services on channels 12 and 13 in case of threat on goods and people;
  •   Accommodation of prostitutes is prohibited.

Prior to departure

  •   Check that people have not boarded clandestinely ;
  •   Contact the consignee, the immigration police officer and the security services of the Port on VHF channel 13 or 12 in the presence of stowaways on board and for disembarkation measures.

Access to the Port

  •   Access to roads, docks and medians inside the customs perimeter of the Port of Abidjan is closed to the public.
  •   To penetrate and circulate inside the Port perimeter anyone or any vehicle must be equipped with a title of access issued by the Harbour Master of the Port.