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Port operation

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Captain's review

Urgent notices to mariners (AVURNAV)
Urgent Warnings to Navigators are issued to Captains of vessels when a situation known to the Port Authority is likely to compromise boating safety.

Port User Guidelines

Handler and consignee instructions

As the custody of ships and cargo is the responsibility of consignees and stevedoring companies, they are therefore obliged to commit this task to security companies approved by the Port Authority or elements of the security forces. order (police or gendarmes).
Users are also required to comply strictly with the special safety regulations prescribed by the Port Authority in commercial food operations and in the management of hazardous materials. These include:

  • Isolation and guarding of landing sites or the removal of these commodities and compliance with regulations, transportation and storage of hazardous materials (IMDG Code and Local Regulations).
  • & nbsp; Rescue operations or the disembarkation of stowaways must comply with the immigration police regulations and the procedure established in this area.

Instructions to the Captains of Boats

Upon arrival in the pilotage zone

For this purpose the Captain of the ship must send to the Commanding Officer of the port all information likely to shed sufficient light on his situation.

  • Every ship sports its distinctive marks and the flag of its nation. In addition, every foreign ship sports the Ivorian flag at the foremast.
  • Any ship that is damaged and / or unable to use its power and all its equipment for maneuvering, anchoring, mooring, which requires entry into the lagoon, shall park off the Vridi Canal until that it obtains from the Commander of the port of Abidjan, the authorization to enter.

    During the stay in the Port

    Before sailing

    • It is strictly forbidden to anchor an anchor in the entrance channel of the Vridi Canal and in the prohibited areas inside the canal within 75 meters of the banks.
      • Any ship docked or inboard must leave its post within a maximum of three (3) hours if so ordered by the Commander of the port of Abidjan except in case of force majeure established by the latter.
      • Every ship moored in the port of Abidjan must have a minimum security crew and at least one guard on board.
      • Avoid keeping the scales down
      • The practice of bartering is prohibited in the port
      • Demand a guard service;
      • Notify guards if unwanted people are present;
      • Contact security services on Channels 12 and 13 if there is a threat to property and people;
      • The accommodation of prostitutes is prohibited.

      Port access

      • Check that people have not embarked illegally;
      • Contact the consignee, Immigration and Port Security Services on VHF Channel 13 or 12 if stowaways are present onboard for arrangements to be made for disembarkation.
        • Free access on the tracks, quays and medians inside the customs enclosure of the port of Abidjan is forbidden to the public.
        • In order to enter and circulate in the port, any person or craft must be provided with an access ticket issued by the Commanding Officer.